Important inventions that changed our world.


This is an image of important inventions that changed our world.

The only thing constant in this ever-changing world is change. This ‘change’ has cultivated some interesting inventions that shaped our world and made our lives easier. So much easier that today we cannot imagine our lives without them. These innovations further evolve and develop to create new possibilities in the future. From the modeling of a wheel to designing a medium that travels beyond the earth, here are some of the important inventions that changed our world

So be ready to be amazed!


This is an image of compass

The earliest form of compasses were likely to be invented by the Chinese in 200 BC for religious purposes. It was started being used for navigational purposes by the 11th century. Over the years this invention saw several developments and modifications and it currently resides in our smartphones. 

2. Automobiles

This is an image of automobiles.

This is an invention that eventually went on to take the load off the horses and put them on the wheels! It all began from Nicholas Joseph Cugno who designed an automobile powered by steam that was suitable for human transportation. The evolution of the automobiles witnessed the contribution of different engineers and scientists. It became mainstream due to Henry Ford’s mass production techniques. Other popular manufacturers such as General Motors and Chrysler also contributed to the mass production of automobiles

3. Steam Engine

This is an image of a steam engine.

Trains have been a popular, reliable, and affordable choice of transport for many years, the origin of the same can be traced back to 1698, when Thomas Savory invented the steam engine to withdraw water from the congested mines by using pressure from the steam. After some modifications by forthcoming engineers, this steam engine was being used to power trains. 

Although not in use today, it is an important milestone in the development of today’s modern transport system. 

4. Airplanes

This is an image of airplane.

Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches of flying machines and countless other inventions over the centuries led to the first successfully controlled flight by the well-known Wright brothers. Their achievement laid the foundation for development and commercialisation in the field of aeronautical engineering which is prevalent today. 

5. Light bulb

This is an image of a Light bulb

There is more to the history of a lightbulb than the ever famous Thomas A Edison. Humphry Davy pioneered the functional electric bulb during the early 19th century. Wilson Swan made modifications to the conventional electric lightbulb and increased it’s span of use. 

Thomas A Edison can be credited for the commercialisation of the lightbulbs as he further increased it’s illumination span by 1200 hours. He went on to produce and sell these lightbulbs under his company named Edison Electric Light Company. 

6. Printing Press

This is an image of a printing press

The establishment of the Printing Press in 1436 by Johannes Gutenberg, a German goldsmith, helped spread knowledge and information among the public. Although the origins of the printing press can be traced back to the Chinese and Koreans’ printing methods, HIs printing machine was a development over the pre-existing printing modes and had been first introduced to the west. Gutenberg’s press went on to produce upto 20 million materials in the following years which consisted of books, individual papers, and pamphlets. 

We hope that you too would marvel at these inventions that has shaped our present. 

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