Steps taken to provide online education amidst COVID-19 pandemic

 The Government has taken various steps to provide online education amidst COVID-19 pandemic. These include PRAGYATA Guidelines on Digital Education, Internet access under BHARAT NET scheme, etc

PRAGYATA Guidelines on Digital Education:Keeping in view the availability of digital infrastructure, guideline briefs on various modes of digital education including online mode that depends more on availability of internet, partially online mode that utilizes the blended approach of digital technology and other offline activities, partial and offline mode that utilizes television and radio as a major medium of instruction of education. The guidelines can be accessed at:

Internet access under BHARAT NET scheme has been made available to Govt institutions and to improve the internet connectivity in rural areas the CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd (CSC-SPV) of MEITY has been assigned the task of providing Fibre to the Home (FTTH) connectivity to the Government Institutions, including schools. This project is for providing Internet connection to Government schools in respective Gram Panchayats.

The states & UTs have been advised to Map the students school wise with their individual performance. Accordingly, the state governments have been directed to act based on the situation prevailing at every place to meet the demands of all students for providing them with the digital access required for learning digitally.

In order to enable online education benefit to the children of every categoryandteachers,Learning Enhancement Guidelines have been issued.

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