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Gender-based violence impact the enormously on mental health of person. In this case, mental health counselling has significant role to eradicate gender based violence. Post-violence survivor possibly suffer with depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. Accurate role of mental healthcare prevent the increasing number of GBV; to reduce negative thoughts. Countries having Gender Based violence prevention based on rigid public health model that do not carry mental health component, though GBV must require concepts, competencies and standards of mental health to interdicte the GBV. Inequality of gender, gender stereotypes & prejudice, difference of feminity and masculinity capabilities,  Upbringing in patriarchal society or mindset aggression, male ego are several elements increasing insensitivity and hideousness and intricate to control the GBV.

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  Listen to and invest believe in survivors because prepetrator is only responsible for actions. Teach in schools what is to be men and make them aware of their emotional side. Call for responses and services require mandate for solution, Understand consent is extremely vital as men hard time to evaluate NO, learn the signs of abuse and how can we help and talk extensively and exclusively of gender based violence. In 2013 UNFPA and UN Women initiated Joint Global Programme on Essential Services giving to people who suffering with Gender based violence; providing access to services and quality of these particularly focus on health, Justice and social science ( such as psycho – counseling, helplines and safe house) and programmes on sexual & reproduction health because health services should be first place that survivors of abuse seek assistance.

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 1) Mental health professionals well aware of how to help and support the survivors,  what are their emotional & psychological requirements in case of physical,verbal, sexual violences, anxiety and depression mental health professional (MHP) capable to encounter accordingly.

 2) Counselling is a faithful forum where anyone can be vulnerable, survivors can find easy to open up & release themselves emotionally in front of mental health Counselors. MHP can maintain solidarity to survivors, value their experience, understand their needs, ensure faith of confidentiality that no word will go out in fact each word will taken into consideration.

 3) In gender-based violence, survivor evidently confront the issue of acceptance and believing. Professionals competent enough to provide acceptance and build confidence in them

 4) Survivors needs emotional Support as  Counselors understand it  entrust  emotional assistance.

 5) Mental health counselling significantly help survivors to uplift their lives by feeling confident that help them to know about themselves and find sustainability on financial level. For it, Health professionals must support the idea of high level of self awareness for themselves for more influencial results.

 6) Different Mental health counselling Programs and survey research increase the  efficiency and credibility of Counselling for survivors. Research determine the effectiveness of orientation of work,  conclude the conceptual results that enhance the relevancy and realiability of survey.

 7) Mental health professionals helps survivors to overcome of feeling of unwantedness just by listening and understanding their outputs, that give them  sufficient emotional support.

 8) Mental health counselling must provide 24×7 through E – Governance and from NGOs online portals. Government initiatives become extreme important regarding gender Based violence, their women empowerment Policies must confirm the positive results on society that ultimately helps women socially.

 9) Determining mental health counseling in rural areas is crucial because women especially in marginalized community found far more difficult to come out and express their needs because social structure & norms. Mostly do not aware of what to do in such situations. At this time, mental health counselors untapped them & make them aware of their legal, social and political rights; moreover their human rights.

 10) Gender based violence survivor do not know what to do now it at first, self doubt engraved in them strongly. Mental health professional advisory assistance support them to better their condition by doing counselling sessions and penetrate positivity.

 11) By community Awareness program, self employment, skill development program, self help group , support health care & group insurance support evidently proved to be helpful to the survivors.

Gender Based Violence anywhere is a threat to peace & security everywhere – John. F. Kerry

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