Nationalism always been most  forgettable ideology. Nationalism seeks to pressure & foster a nation’s traditional culture. Nationalism dominant the loyalty and devotion towards nation. It aims to build and maintain a single National identity based on shared social characteristics of culture, ethnicity, geographic location, language, politics, religion traditions and belief in a shared singular history to promote National unity or solidarity.

The moral value of nationalism the relationship between nationalism patriotism and the compatibility of nationalism and cosmopolitanism are all subjects of philosophical labels. Nationalism can be combined with diverse Political goals & ideologies such as conservatism (Right Wing) or socialism (Left Wing). Nationalism is seen as positive or negative depending on it’s actions and outcomes.

Scholars frequently place thebeginning of nationalism in late 18th century or early 19th century with American declaration of Independence or with the French Revolution. Nationalism as a concept was firmly established by 19th century. The template of nationalism, as a method for mobilising Public opinion around new state based on popular sovereignty, Due to Industrial Revolution there was an emergence of an integrated, nation encompassing economy & National Public sphere, where the people began to identify with the country at large, rather than the smaller units of their provinces, town or family.

Union Jack was adopted in 1801 as the rational one. The political development of nationalism and the push for popular sovereignty culminated with the ethnic/ national revolution of Europe. It has also been used to legitimate racial, ethnic and religious divisions, suppress or attack minorities and undermine human rights and democratic tradition. Radical nationalism combined with racial hatred was a key factor in the Holocaust perpetrated by Nazi Germany. In 1749, Thomas Arne composed the patriotic song “Rule Britannia”!. Cartoonist John Arbuthnot invented the character of John Bull as the personification of the English national spirit in 1712.

Imposing the idea of one language in 1772 through his “ Treatise on the origin of language” focusing on the role of common language the instance observe in modern politics. He attached exceptional importance to the concepts of nationality and of patriotism.

Sociological or modernist interpretation of nationalism & nation building argues that nationalism arises and flourishes in modern societies that an industrial economy capable of self sustainability, a central supreme authority capable of maintaining authority and unity, few prominent figures developed the modernist interpretation of nation and nationalism include: Carlton J H Hayes, Rabindranath Tagore, Emile Durkheim, Max weber, Talcott Parsons, Arnold Joseph Toynbee.

 Now, think about it, how preferable to have nationalism as development ideology that emphasis on destroying the diversity; diversity that intact the entire nation in oneness without holding on discrimination. If people understand each other with different culture & religion the world will become the better place to live; politicians will not take advantage & will not turn up entire region in war.

Conflict will resolve quickly if sit & have table talk. Far – Right leader Marine Le Pen in France emerging as second highest vote collector candidate belongs to National Rally Party. National Rally believes in strong French centric ideology same as Trump reign during his tenure like “ Make America great again” to have strong immigration policy and secure the American individual identity . VĂ–LKISH MOVEMENT (Body of people) – German ethno nationalist movement from late 19th century through to Nazi Era impose the “blood and soil”.

However, It is difficult to amaze the world with far right nationalism as we have example of Vietnam War reaction when people saw the images from Vietnam War people protested against the government, Movements like Black life matters, Protest against CAA.

So, Now what should be the real meaning of Nationalism – Simple we believe in democracy and diversity (ironically scrapped from new CBSE syllabus) when we embrace the different culture. Encouraging tolerance for people of different cultural and racial background. When we send off ethnic & racial difference, religion, socio – economic background, intelligence. So whatever movies are mentioned here are based on true meaning of Nationalism. These movies asking question from Society in terms of socio – economic difference, war, racial discrimination, gender biases if you concern about these matter then you are real nationalist and kind of facets of society that Government wants us that we must not talk about these situations.

Movies Like: –

1)Never look away – Werk ohne Autor

2)Dr. Strangelove: Or How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

3)Full metal jacket

4)The lives of others – Das Leben Der Anderen

5)Ardh Satya


7)Shyam benegal’ s films

8)Apu Trilogy

9)Bimal Roy’s films

These above mentioned movies list here in this article because of their Challenging Attitude towards for bringing something better for disadvantaged groups. More Can include in it with time and how we will evolve.


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