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You don’t understand at first what this title is trying to convey , I know not so easy to get it. Well, same happened to me when I heard this statement. It is not even my creation; I heard it in metro infact overheard because a guy who was too loud as he wants to grab more people’s attention because he thought he is right!

It was the time of East Delhi riots he was very much outspoken about what is happening in Delhi. Last 2 months was quite difficult but he was not concern about how the situation is happening is wrong and getting worse infact imposing blame on “one community” how he was using his words clearly indicate that he is Hindu or more privileged Hindu( upper class Hindu).

North East Delhi Riots

Source: Indian Express

North East Delhi Riots
He was narrating the whole story in metro to the strangers and asking their validation that “these” people are doing wrong his exact words “hamesha ki tarah pareshaan Kar rhe haa chale kyun nhi gaye jab choice tha naa Pakistan ka Hindustan toh Hindo ka h” -{Translation: As always troubling us why they didn’t go if they had a choice during partition}. Shocking right nobody was saying anything but noding like people were agreed with him on each statement. It was more shocking for me not was what that man was saying ; but how people noding and saying sach meh!


I was just standing didn’t utter a word yes I didn’t unlike others I was avoiding him but at one point I want to tell him he should SHUT UP and you are dangerous to mankind but couldn’t..!! the fear wrapped me trapped me! what if other people not gonna stand with me Because they are already agreeing with him.

How am I gonna convience them that whatever they are thinking is utterly wrong.

This incident was in my mind since then but didn’t discuss to nobody about it now when people are talking about #blacklivesmatter. I am thinking about my country people their civil rights, human rights. #Muslimlivematter #dalitslivesmatter #stoplynching.

It hurts, frustrate, angry me when people use statements like chale kyun nhi gaye partition ke time par itna kuch hua ab phir kyun karna “unke” liye h naa Pakistan(community based segregation)

Source: Indian Express

I just want to say that “un” logo ne uss want apne Ghar rahna sahi samjh joh phir ya toh Pakistan meh tha ya Hindustan meh Bina sochte ki meh Hindu toh Hindustan Chala jata ho aur musalman woh toh Pakistan. Un logo ko Kya pata tha ki aage Kya hoga sab ke Mann meh beez boo Diya gaya haa joh sirf nafrat samjhta haa kabhi marege ya nahi pata nahi Socha hoga Jesse ab rahte haa waise rahege yaha apna Ghar, kaam sab haa yahi rahte.

Before claiming , this is our Hindustan beware “woh log” are citizens of our country having all constitutional rights. We don’t have single right to tell them chale jayo Pakistan.

Safoora Zargar who stood up against the wrong become the reason Don’t feel wrong , don’t raise your voice just go blindly with government’s cheap tactics. Safoora Zargar kind of people knows how we got our freedom we just now enjoying and claiming India as democratic and republic country.

Role of Government

Police brutality , Government dysfunction are not hidden in our democracy. How government takes up chance of any violence we have seen in 1993 blast , Gujarat riots 2002. Police and administrators are just puppet of politicians. These people are first who encounter the riots but they fail completely to satisfy the Constitution and citizens; but pass with merit to satisfy the politicians.

All I say haters are all around the world just don’t be one of them or part of this stupid system. Try to work on your mind/ brain eventually we see ourselves in better human being and possibly we will protect and secure our successors.

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