Source: The Guardian (New Zealand start climate change protest)

When countries are facing crisis in the form of protests that simply means government and others should focus on their needs. Protests emphasized on the fact that we do have problems in our countries which we need to address as early as possible. Protests are a wake call to the country.

Source: The Washington Post (Chile demonstration March October 2019)

In Modern era protests become the vitality of the democracy. If government tries to shut the voices of the protests then we should raise our voices even more because if we don’t react today it will be become more dangerous to the Constitution, then their is no meaning to enjoying the ‘DEMOCRACY’.

Source: New York times (French union workers strike against Government for pension reform Plan Dec 2019)

Protests are not just some voices against injustice or representing dissent. It is much more than this, more meaningful; it is AWAKENING. Awakening of people, awareness of surrounding. Awakening cannot die and it should not die because this is a combination of our consciousness or subconsciousness.

Source: TOI (Emergency in 1975)

Our history and freedom is a reflection of stand against the cruelty , knowing the fact if we don’t speak today, tomorrow will be in dark. JP Narayan movement which was started as protest against the government (Emergency) eventually become the movement for country. At the end of the movement what happened to “INDIRA” government was fallen Apart.

Source: TOI (From Right to Left Mandal commission, CAA Protests in foreign & Indian University)

Mandal commission another vicious mistake of government. This particular protest turned into violence. Commission introduced high reservation to Social and educationally backward classes in the central government and public sector.

Source: Indian Express

Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 was passed by the parliament of India on December 11 2019. This act amended the 1995 citizenship Act by providing a pavement to indian citizen for persecuted religious minorities from the countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan; who are only Hindus, Sikhs , Buddhist, Jains, Parsis or Christian, the law does not grant such eligibility to Muslims from these Muslim majority countries. The act was declared as first act in the history of India and lndian law that used religion as criterion for citizenship. The amendment has been criticized on the basis of religious discrimination which targets one community.

 United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) called this act fundamentally discriminatory. The protests first began in Assam and spread swiftly in the other states such as Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura. The CAA protests rests on 14 Match 2020 because of coronavirus. This protests led Police brutality at University campus, violence brokedown against protestors. Through Section 144 Curfew Internet shutdown and paramilitary forces were imposed in various parts of the country. According to Police record, more than 65 died, 175 injured and 3000+ we’re arrested.

Source: abc

Thousands of farmers protest against three most problematic agricultural reform laws that they say government putting corporate interests over the country requirement. The 3 laws introduced to loosen the grip of rules around the sale, pricing and storage of farm produce in india. Government claimed that these changes make it easier for farmers to bypass regulatory farming market and sell their produce directly to Private buyers like supermarkets chains. As per Government, laws would benefit farmers and make investment to a agricultural sector that makes up nearly 15% of Indian $3.8 trillion economy.

Source: Indian Express (Police use water canons to disperse & stop Farmer activits from marching into New Delhi)

Now discuss if laws sounds too accurate then where is a problem? Problem lies in Government’s intension. Farmers were worried that they don’t have enough bargaining powers to get the kinds of prices they want for their products especially when they are negotiating with bigger companies. There was one more tassel over MSP – Minimum Support Price which is a price the government guarantees for certain crops like wheat and rice. The protests were largely peaceful until 26 January after this it took drastic sight. The central government again shut down mobile internet services at several protest sites and putting the fundamentals rights of people’s on threshold.

Many socio – Political movements occurred in the past for instance Chipko movement, silent valley protest, Assam movement, Jungle bachao Andolan, Great Bombay strike, Narmada bachao Andolan, Dalit Agitation in Maharashtra (2006), Nandigram and singur protests in West Bengal (2007), Nirbhaya protest, FTII protest against chairman many more in different part of country, CAA Protest and widespread Farmer Protest.

Source: The Economics Times

Now Remember, we living in the kind of society where we know when we have to pick up our placard, flags, slogans, singing songs and show our dissent.

What should government do in such situations is a biggest question – firstly they should not adopt such policy which go against the people. Even if it is beneficiary to few people but at the same time going against the numerous number of population. Take affective measure to control the situation; Use the effective power of bureaucracy. It is government responsibility that make sure people must believe the government and their style of policy implementation is good for nation; after all Our constitution stand on – OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE!!

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