Top 5 Summer fruits to beat the heat

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With the temperature gradually rising, it is very important to keep ourselves hydrated at all times. Due to dehydrating summer, the body loses water and henceforth we must replenish our body with vital nutrients.
Here are a list of 5 summer fruits we can consume to keep our body cool –

1) Watermelon

Watermelons are mostly made up of water and contains electrolytes that helps in dehydration. Further, they are also rich sources of Vitamin A and are good for the eye muscles.

2) Papaya
Papaya has multiple uses. It contaims an enzyme names “Papain” which helps in digestion. Further, it is also rich source of potassium that strengthens our immune system. Papaya can also be applied externally for healthy and glowing skin. It reduces tan and helps with sunburn.

3) Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges, mosambi and lemons are rich sources of Vitamin C that helps with collagen production for healthier skin and hair. They also have antioxidants and flavonoids that are good for healing peptic ulcers and boosts our immune system. Fruit juices are an excellent alternative ti carbonated beverages and will keep our body cool and restore all the essential vitamins and minerals.

4) Cucumber
Cucumbers contains 95 percent water and are very hydrating. They contain fibre and helps with digestion and constipation. The anti flammatory properties help in flushing out toxins from our body. When outdoors and water is hard to obtain, one can eat a cucumber to restore the water defeciency.

5) Plums
Plums are packed with nutrients. They keep our heart healthy my maintaining blood pressure levels. Further, they are rich in dietary fibre and helps with constipation and other digestive problems as well.

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