Well! Well! First let me give you disclaimer that this discussion is about the contemporary scanerio of Bollywood keeping in mind classic Bollywood (which was full of new ideas) and I am not a big fan of kashyap but infact love his unique style of filmmaking (not always) he played completely different symphony than the USUAL BOLLYWOOD.

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Also, we need to Know one thing that kashyap is not the only director/ writer who love to experiment has different perceptive. Many new writers coming now more with fresh ideas continue same legacy which we lost back behind years ago .

Now, let’s discuss why he is game changer. kashyap’s gangs of wasseypur was brought new wave of talented actors , never seen the kind of a screenplay that we encounter in GOF. Whereas mostly seen big stars in movies with nothing but only Dancing.

Both wasseypur part 1 and 2 stood only on script, acting, screenplay, direction, editing, cinematography and music that’s all . All ingredients that we need to make a good/ decent movie no more sho Sha!!

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Anurag is the one who had fights with censor, continue to strike on right matters. Actually loves to dance on his own rhyme and creates his own beats. There must be many writers who wants to find their ways in Bollywood. So, what wasseypur did moved the table in 360° angel. How? Audience is GOD in showbiz , People love the film then what will happened critical claimed, HIT on silver screen, audience love dialogue (ironically even recite). Anurag became the The Anurag kashyap people started experiments in ways of thinking and filmmaking that was not the case before.

New writers started writing in real authentic way. Producers are ready to take risks, giving chances to new people. I am not saying it is completely changed but slowly and steadily moving towards changing and progressing simultaneously .

Good content matters

Ohh! Really good content matters now days. Not just movies but WEB SERIES CULTURE changed the entire filmmaking environment. where new writers has more to express , no censorship or producers/actors tantrums . All we need audiences.

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Mirzapur, scared games, patal Lok , family man are those web series which has something different new as compare to that old Bollywood stories. You know what I mean!!

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Anurag kashyap was ready to take risk when nobody wants to make movies what movies should be look like. Now after 2012 we can say there is lots of movies which likeable and different. However, before 2012 there were good like swades, luck by chance, udaan, lakshay , sarfrosh, lagaan, and many more but these kind of movies came out as once in year but now every next Friday we have something good to watch.

Introduction of Talent to BOLLYWOOD

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I will give one more example which infused that anurag is a game changer. He was the one who introduce us to amazing talent like nawazuddin , pankaj tripathi, Raj Kumar Rao, kalki koechlin, mahi Gill, abhay deol, radhika apte etc. Just imagine today’s cinema without them… You’ll be like yes that’s what we want. Who really deserves what they have late but not rejected. Where Nawaz was only seeing as pick pocketer in Munna Bhai mbbs nothing as he got because he doesn’t own THAT Bollywood looks.

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Credit: IMDB

All I can say enjoy new Bollywood and web series experiment with the hint of talented and handsome actors.

Remember –

If you not afraid then you are not taking risk, if you are not taking risks, then you are not doing something original. – Beau willimon (house of cards’ director)

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