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Modern time teaching us whatever we do in our lives must focus on mental peace and stability or at least provide importance in our daily routine meaning by listing few activities in our lifestyle make a huge impact on our personalities and Change outlook for life. Rather, only chasing the material aspect of life yet nothing against money to have even basic subsistence requires Money but one should aware with toxication of materialistic side of life.

 Mind is extremely is extremely fickle effected by any small incidents of life that could lead towards mental stress. If we work on mind by doing some things which makes unfavorable situation favourable. Moon denotes our mind, that changes frequently in days where other plants take much longer time to move like Saturn.

 However, several prevention are useful to calm down the mind. It will not provide 100% guarantee but gradually ensure the difference. The activities such as :


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Yoga is great method to relax your body and mind. It is not only improve flexibility of your body but help to heal the mind & soul simultaneously. It is helpful in arthritis, heart health, back pain, improves sleep disorder, determine more energy and higher moods, manage anxiety, reduce inflammation, boost immunity and improves mental health. Studies suggested, yoga is profitable to recover from cancer.


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Walking is good for lung capacity improves heart diseases, reduces the chances of chronic diseases, stroke risk in ,work well on dementia risk, speed the digestive system, boots immunity, improves mood swings, lower blood pressure, delays the ageing, decrease the diabetes risk, beneficial for bones, boost memory and lower the risk of osteoporosis.

Engage in physical activities

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Physical activities like dancing, swimming, running, aerobics, bicycle and riding. Any physical burnout immediately improve quality of sleep, reduces the feeling of anxiety and blood pressure. In long term, provides benefits for chronic diseases prevention for instance, brain health, heart health and bone strength.

Meet with good vibe people

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Good people (co – workers, neighbor) friends uplift the individual with all affection without logic & second hand emotions, this is a kind of friend we all desire in our life but relationship based on barter have no future no matter, how long we were together but what matters how much you grow together.

Sit Alone


Sitting alone works as therapy, through it we can easily evaluate yourself but, here also a catch to evaluating need to Know ourselves and life. It build mental strength, improve the ability to stress management  and increased happiness, increase empathy, creativity, productivity and this is a best way to know ourselves.

 Run away from negative thoughts


Negative thoughts pinch everyone but to some people this pinch is too hard. It is our responsibility to stay away from those thoughts. How it will work as by above mentioned solutions.


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Finally, now we reach to meditation part because starting meditation at first place will not work. We need to understand the essence of life then we incorporate something higher or divine like meditation. Meditation helps to gain new perspective on stressful situation, increase self awareness, patience & tolerance,. Reduce negative emotions, helpful to have focus. It can help us manage unwanted impulses.

Not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do is the secret of happiness – J.M Barrie

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