5 hobbies to develop this summer

Getting bored in the summer heat? Or you simply want to catch a break from a monotonous life? Well, its summer time and there is no better season to pick up some new hobbies and skills to add to the feathers in your cap. Here are 5 things you can do this summer to feel productive-

  1. Learn to swim

Swimming is a very handy skill and you are never too old to learn to swim. It’s great if you already know to swim too, take a dip in the pool and refine those strokes. Swimming keeps one physically fit, healthy and energised. It also tones your muscles and give you that tan you’ve been wanting.

2.Learn a foreign language

It could be the tongue native to a country you hope to visit someday or a language you’ve always wanted to learn just because you find it so beautiful. Learning the basics of a new language makes the world feel a little smaller, and numerous studies have indicated that being bilingual can give your brain a boost. There are so many free apps and videos that you can refer to at least get some basics of a language.

3.Make your own jewellery

Arts and crafts have always been at the tip-top of popular summer hobbies but have you tried making your own jewellery yet? Capture your own design aesthetic in wearable pieces that you can make from the comfort of your own home. Make them for yourself, gift them to a friend, sell them on Etsy… the possibilities are endless. There are some awesome kits, books, and Youtube videos (essential techniques, supplies to purchase, and of course, hacks) that will make getting started a whole lot easier. Redecorate your room with it or spruce up your collection of gems with some DIY jewellery making.

4. Develop a green thumb

 Summertime is the perfect time for gardening: there’s loads of sunlight and the right temperature to grow an entire range of vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers, or even some herbs and flowers. Gardening can be a nice, rewarding hobby to take up in the summertime. Starting a garden can be an intimidating task but thankfully, there are plenty of resources out there to help you get your green thumb on.

5. Go Camping

Camping is a favourite pastime for many during the summer days and can also be very inexpensive . This is a fantastic low-cost hobby for adventure and nature lovers who want to disconnect from the Wi-Fi and real around a campfire. However, you shouldn’t set out without preparation, so go through this guide to make sure you’re well-prepared! It is a fun way to meet up for some outdoor time with friends and loved ones! It doesn’t have to been in the complete wilderness , just set a tent in your back yard and gaze at those stars.

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