Book Review of "Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe"

This book is not only about two young people who fall in love with each other but about the two best friends who help each other to overcome their self doubts and make each other the best of themselves. Pen/ Faulkner winner, Benjamin Alire Sáenz  is the writer of this amazing book. This is the story about two boys Aristotle Mendoza and Dante Quintana, the story is surrounded to these boys. It doesn’t have any particular plot, the story is all about these two characters. Ari is reserved kind of person and on the other hand Dante is a happy soul and kind of a showy person. These two different people became friend and for them its not take too much time became best friends. Firstly Ari is bit of shy around Dante because of his nature but no one can be shy around Dante and specially Ari. This story is also about these two’s families, the parents of these two’s are came from a different backgrounds.Dante’s relationship with his father is so open, they shared everything with each other on the other hand Ari’ relationship with his father is not so much like as dante’s it’s different from his, it’s not like ari doesn’t share anything with his father but there is not that openness between them. Ari is a kind of person who have so many self doubts, he is not so good with words, sometimes he don’t know what to say to people and Dante is a kind of person who loves to be around people and always know that what he have to say to people. They are so different from each other but they get along with themselves so well, they shared everything with each other, all the secrets of the universe. This book gonna make you laugh so many times and you are gonna cry so hard too, this is beautifully written book. The dialogue of this book is so warming and wonderful, the words of this book can break your heart in tiny pieces but the words of this book can also joint that tiny little pieces into one and make your soul so happy.This story is about the situation of teenagers, the age when people have so many questions but not have the answer of anything. People struggles with self doubts, their sexuality, their body shape and so many things, the writer situated the story in the teenage era and explained these problems of teenagers so well. The story is so gripping , after finishing every chapter you are gonna want to read the next one, the story is so interesting and you are gonna want to read this book in a one sitting. The development of the character is presented so beautifully in this book, these two characters helps each other to become the best version of themselves. this book is gonna change the way of your thinking you will have so many questions on your mind after finishing this book.This a simple but so heart warming story, its gonna leave a impact on your life.These characters gonna teach you that having self doubts is not a bad thing, i mean we all have self doubts and we all struggles with that, its natural thing nothing is wrong with having self doubt and this story also gonna teach you to how to deal with your self doubts. All i can say is buckle yourself because you are going to feel so many emotions, u r gonna cry so hard and gonna laugh so hard at the same time.

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