Career planning?

Hello , salaam, namaste !

So how is your career planning going on? Is everything going according to your plan or did you even plan your career or not ? If not, then when are you going to? what about promotion ,bonus or salary? – same regular typical ,annoying and boring questions right asked by many of our near and dear and even far ones right?

I know , I know how it feels ,even I passed from that stage ,sorry I’m still in that stage ,so yeah I know how irritating and annoying those questions feel and how those questions even make us feel guilty about our career planning.

As a student I felt and even do feel that career planning is the most important part of my education ,but the thing was I used to be always confused about what to choose, in my +1 and +2 should I choose the stream which I like or should I play safe and choose stream which is offering more number of opportunities. ok somehow I played safe and choose a stream, but later again after choosing the stream find the exams which you have to take in order to get a good college and after joining the college struggle or say competition to find a good decent job ,so this is it ?

For a good decent job or further studies you have to start planning from 5-6 years before ,and if the plan goes well then there you have you job and if not then a back up plan and all this to enjoy good ,peaceful life, so much of planning and execution right, I know but what can we do ,this thing feels so important in one’s life specially if you are from a brown household .

If you ask me I would tell that career planning is important if you really want good career and growth in career and start doing this from early stage like in your tenth standard mostly and research about what options do you have and take opinions and advices from people of that field and get to know about their work their other opportunities .

One advice from my side is choose the stream you like ,follow your passion but also play safe and try to grab as many opportunities as possible and I can definately tell that people who work with their heart ,follow their passion and choose what they like are much more happy than people who just choose the stream because of the opportunities they are offering.

”Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it.”

-Katharine Whitehorn

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