Low-Maintenance Houseplants to grow

There are endless varieties of indoor plants to choose from, and if you’ve never cared for a plant before, you might have no idea which one to choose. Factor in that some plants are much harder to care for and require a lot of attention, and it’s even more of a challenge. If you want to spruce up your home with a little greenery but you’re new to plant parenthood and want to stick to plants that are more forgiving and low-maintenance, here’s what you need to know, from which plants to buy to how to keep them alive and happy

You don’t need a ton of time, space or even light to grow your own indoor garden, either. In fact, some plants prefer a low level of light and infrequent watering. If you live in an apartment or home with little natural light or just want something a bit more low maintenance, there are many houseplants for you to choose from.

Jade Plant

Succulents are always an indoor houseplant go-to thanks to their sturdiness and ability to survive with little to no water. This one has a defined look with plush oval leaves and a substantial height In fact; a jade plant can grow to be 3-6 feet tall. It’s a slow grower, though, so this won’t happen overnight. Like many succulents, jade plants need a lot of bright, indirect sunlight.


As long as it gets a lot of really bright light, the Hedgehog Aloe is pretty resilient. Aloe plants grow in nutrient-poor conditions, so they’re very good at assimilating and holding onto their nutrients.Aloe is happiest in the brightest windows, so stick it in a space that faces the sunset.

Snake Plant

snake plants are tall, dark, and handsome. In addition to being able to withstand pretty much any living conditions, snake plants are also really powerful air purifiers.they can pretty much take whatever you throw at them, so they’ll be fine in slightly darker and more humid rooms.

Parlor Palm

Bright filtered light is best for this lush palm plant, but it can adapt to low light if necessary. In terms of watering, make sure you avoid over-watering your parlor palm. Keep it in a warmer spot and give it the occasional misting for good measure.


Like air plants, that can actually grow without soil. Simply place the stalks in a vase full of water with pebbles or marbles at the bottom. And if your bamboo starts to get too big for its container, just upgrade to a new one with a similar set-up—no actual reporting required.

Snake plant
Parlor Palm
Jade plant

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