Why Mother Tongue is important?

Mother tongue is the language that a child gets to hear after birth and grows up listening to it and adapting it. Mother tongue is also called as the native language and it helps to give shape to our thoughts and beliefs. In today’s world where a child is expected to be proficient in not just one but rather two to three languages, knowing one’s mother language by heart becomes secondary. However, learning one’s mother tongue is not only important but is beneficial for the child as well. If a child wants to be well versed in any foreign language, he must be well versed in his mother tongue the first thing. Below are some of the reasons as to why one’s mother tongue is so important and hence should not be taken lightly.

1) Our Mother tongue helps us to stay grounded to our traditional culture and values. It is a means of keeping our culture alive. No matter what part of the world, one must always take pride in one’s culture and help to bring it forth to the outer world but that can only be done if one is well known with one’s mother tongue

2) If one is well versed in one’s own mother tongue, he can learn a secondary language faster. He will also be a better communicator and will have better writing and reading skills in other languages.

3) If one is aspiring to become an entrepreneur, then knowing his mother tongue will benefit him while interacting with local customers. The possibilities of making money with one’s mother tongue has also increased globally.

4) Knowing one’s mother tongue is a matter of pride and honor. It boosts our self esteem and confidence while making us connected with our cultural identity.

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