Yoga Policies and Programmes in Global Scanerio

Source: yoga alliance

Ongoing Pandemic has left with many physical and mental health issues; where we face constant on and off lockdowns. People suffering through financial hardship lead to an impact on their lifestyle and their work routine. Large population confronting Mental health issues, loneliness, constant fear of losing job, psychological suffering, anxiety depression, sleeping pattern and isolation.

It is natural for anyone to develop anxiety or any health issue but this time needs to focus on our mental health therefore, yoga is considered as a preventive measure. Yoga is helpful to decrease the intensity of mental health issues and lead us towards a healthy lifestyle. Government of India, private yoga institutes abroad, campus awareness exclusively works on yoga significant aspects of human life. But, not even government or yoga institutes have introduced yoga programs for GBV survivors. India is a country who extensively works on yoga Policies and programmes by state government ,yoga Universities. India has its own Ministry for yoga that promotes yoga events on a larger scale. 

USA (New Jersey, Newton Massachusetts)

The USA federal government had not supported any yoga Policy or even program. To make it easier here, we need to understand the difference between Policy and programme.

Programme – short term intervention that creates temporary improvement in wake of challenges not necessarily supported by the government. On the other hand, policies are those which are passed by legislature and implemented by executives. 

Therefore, there is no government funded yoga policy or programme. But many initiatives taken up by several universities or yoga school based programmes. More  Christian dominating states are not ready for school based yoga programs for their children according to The Atlantic report. States like Georgia, Alabama find yoga as Hindu and Buddhist roots. 

Many private yoga studios are opening in the USA or programs. For example

  • Outdoor fitness Program by New York City Dept of Parks  & Recreation (private & paid).
  • 80 hours online yoga training 
  • Online self paced Restoration yoga training 
  • Online yoga teacher training 50 hours
  • Paid programmes in Arizona, Miami, California and Oregon.
  • Vinyasa flow, Iyengar, Ashtanga, heated flow, Relax & Renew and Restoration Yoga 



France also has the same situation when it comes to government Policy or programmes. Few paid programmes are there like :-

  • Yoga holiday in Ariege
  • Day yogic healing Retreat in Biarritz
  • Day meditation and yoga retreat in Chateaubriant


Istanbul yoga centers have joined the yoga alliance to promote the practices of yoga.

  • Yoga posture and breathing classes for all ages
  • Yoga instructor certificate program of VYASA
  • Yoga therapy for common ailments.

United kingdom

  • Isha foundation
  • Yoga for health & wellness

Yoga practices in the UK Study: cross sectional online anonymous survey. The study investigated the characteristics of people who practice yoga, reasons for initiating & maintaining practices and perceived impact of yoga on health & well being.


Source: International yoga day
  • Delhi Government launched online yoga classes for Covid 19 patients in home isolation. One hour each from 6am to 11am and 4pm to 7pm named the ” Dilli ki Yogshala”  programme.
  • Yoga on call promoting and facilitating yoga practices.
  • Yoga institutes give their services to transgenders, school children and senior citizens in Mumbai and Delhi.
  • Niti Aayog suggested yoga as a regular activity in schools to encourage healthy choices and behaviors.
  • Government schemes for those who are practicing yoga.
  • By HRD minister yoga training “study in India” program was introduced to enable foreign students to obtain authentic yoga training.
  • Haryana CM maintained a statement “yoga has been included in school curriculum for classes 1 to 10 from 2021” taking yoga to the grassroot level.
  • Many private/paid clubs are already in india.
  • Isha foundation
  • Art & living 
  • Total yoga

International organization

NGOs work overseas to promote yoga and well-being in people.

  • International yoga federation aims to create a world’s yoga community and environment of wellness through yoga.
  • Yoga alliance 
  • World yoga organization
  • International yoga training and healing center (Mauritius)
  • Sampoorna yoga
  • Total yoga program has group yoga classes, corporate wellness workshops, yoga retreats, seminars & events in Singapore, California and Philadelphia.
  • Yoga without Borders in Barcelona working in Palestine, Morocco and Tanzania
  • Art & Living (New Jersey) program teaches free breath meditation and breathing techniques that are helpful in reducing stress and make meditation effortless.
  • Isha foundation & Meditation class – Inner engineering Meetup group free meditation classes, different yoga programs and public events.
  • WHO also considers Yoga as one of the significant processes to protect themselves from coronavirus.
  • UN on International yoga day “yoga is also playing a significant role in psycho Social care and rehabilitation of Covid 19 patients during quarantine and isolation.

Private Research and Development

  • Dept of Ayush of Ministry of Ayush their laboratories come under Government of India R & D programs.
  • Kaivalyadhama established the scientific research Dept leading initiative in yoga recognised in the Institute of scientific research by the scientific & industrial research organization (SIRO) Ministry of science & technology Govt of india. More research on yoga’s impact on various biochemical, physiological and psychological parameters. Yoga effects on cancer, chronic diseases, immune diseases, psychogenic disorders, obesity, diabetes and stress.
  • Post graduate institute of medical education, Tshwane University of Technology and Uttarakhand Ayurved University put a recent development in yoga: A scientific perspective.

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