Cut throat competition and consumerism are the bones of the fast-paced modern life, born out of advancement in Science and Technology.

Everyone is busy and focused to secure a career and bright future for themselves. In this business, everyone seems to have forgotten the basic morality and ethics.

It must be kept in mind, if our means are wrong, our ends can never be right. Competition can never bring anyone in seeking. The most valuable treasure in the world is Peace, Happiness and Health. They can be in hand only through righteousness. Competition are antithesis of peace, health and happiness.

So. the most ideal approach to live a great life should be doing one’s best without compromising with the morals and ethics. One must never do mean things; think mean thoughts and speak words of any type.

“The outcome will always be grand if one’s thoughts, words and acts are garnd,”

In recent era, the most hyped and commonly used application which is being used by millions of people all around the world, is namely INSTAGRAM.

It is basically a social networking site service which allows users to upload media that can be edited with filters and organized by hashtags and geographical tagging.

This is done by the people for getting likes and fame on social media in lieu of becoming an influencer or famous among people by show casing their talents and to be more specific by out bursting their thousands and millions of followers.

For increasing name and fame on social media, people especially the youth literally buy likes on their pictures, videos by requesting their followers to re-post, re-share their posts on their stories. They literally allow the strangers to openly and freely invade in their privacy and life and allow them to judge on the basis of their posts and likes.

‘Likes on Instagram’ is rapidly becoming a trend to become popular like the famous celebrities.

People just for few likes on their posts either accept money, offer money or indulge in unfair means just to show how important, supreme or popular they are among millions of people.

While surfing the internet, we can see many sites and applications offering opportunities to people to grow and boost their followers and likes on any social media by paying just a handsome amount of money.’

This needs to stop, as in lieu of boosting followers and likes, many innocent people are trapped and later some are blackmailed too.

Likes from strangers or the people you don’t even know can be dangerous for you only. A few numbers of likes can’t tell how important, good-looking or what you are capable of.

It’s just you and you only.

“Existence wants you to be you.”

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