Neeraj is the Medal contender in Diamond League

Once the session begins, Olympic javelin champion Neeraj Chopra will do his best to win his first medal in Thursday’s Diamond League.Chopra won the silver medal in Turko, throwing 89.30 yards from 89.30 yards in Turko and leading the quarters with 86.60 yards.The match was tightened in these two tournaments in Finland.Due to rain due to rain, Chopra had also fallen on the third attempt but immediately won the title uninjured. After throwing 85.73 meters in August 2018 in Zurich, Chopra played in the Diamond League for the first time.He has played seven Diamond Leagues, three of which were played in 2017 and 2018, but did not win the medal.Fourth place twice.This is Chopra’s biggest tournament ahead of next month’s World Championship in America.There will be three medals from the Tokyo Olympics.Throwing the current round javelin players are most often injured due to Germany’s Johannes Kellner injury.After winning the gold in Koosana, Chopra practices in the substance a hundred kilometers from here.He will not play any other tournament before the Diamond League and the July 15 World Championship.

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