Photography 101: Equipment

Photos are memories that you can visit every time you look at them. It could be on your phone, in a frame, or on your camera itself. With the advance in technology, we are able to take photos in mobiles at par with traditional DSLRs. The technology doesn’t stop evolving and it is amazing to see the quality of photos improve over time. But you want to take photos better, better composition and with a better angle. So what kind of equipment can enhance your photography to the next level?

1: A Camera

Of course, you cannot buy camera gear if you don’t have a camera. You don’t need to invest heavily into the camera but don’t cheap out on it either. Instead, buy a decent camera that you can use without worrying about the price. A camera is great around the house with family or with friends when out on a trip. It captures various memories for you to relish after your trips. It is an investment for your hobby. Of course, don’t buy a camera that is too advanced because it will be expensive as well as very hard to handle.

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2:  Tripod

Now a tripod is an investment. You need a sturdy tripod to shoot clear and sharp pictures. It also helps you with taking photos of places if you can’t hold it steady. If you want to improve your photography level, a tripod helps a lot. If you want to shoot a cinematic scene or take a long time lapse of sunrise/sunset/full moon nights or any shot that requires a long time for the camera to be held steady, a tripod enhances the stillness. There are many tripods in the market and Amazon also became one of the tripod sellers with their own brand.

Different Tripod sizes

3:  Memory Cards

Buying a memory card is essential for a DSLR camera. The camera uses the memory card to load photos onto. This memory card holds your memories until you pass it onto your computer. It is the delivery guy for your treasure. Due to its petite size, hold it carefully and store it with caution. You get memory card boxes for a few bucks that hold them carefully for you to transfer.

Now you know your way around your camera. You can switch from different modes and know when to change your ISO, shutter speed and also your aperture. You take beautiful shots and amazing photos but you want to improve your video shots and take them with more precision and cinematically. 

4: Lens

You keep taking photos but you don’t feel the spark or the connection you had with your shots, you have reached the end with your current lens. No matter how many shots you can take with your kit lens ( The lens that comes with the camera), there’s only so much you can do. It’s time to take a new lens to explore more with your camera. Your lens has more to do with the shots you want to take than with which lens you have to purchase. As a beginner, it’s always appreciated to ask your mentor or a friend who has been in photography a long time for advice on new lenses.

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5: Basic Accessories

Now, you have all the equipment but if you don’t have the basic accessories, then how do you move the equipment from your home to the different places? Checklist these all items with the above ones so you don’t damage your equipment and carry them safely without any worries.

  • Camera Bag: You can purchase the camera bag while purchasing your camera and it’s pretty standard. You can carry your camera with your kit lens and it’s a nice place to hold your memory cards too.
  • Lens Cleaner: A lens cleaner is an absolute necessity if you are carrying around multiple lenses. It includes a lens cleaning liquid, a microfiber cloth and a small brush. Clean the dust with the brush, then apply the liquid and finish it up with the microfiber cloth
  • Sensor Cleaner: A sensor cleaner is also needed because you will be changing lenses on the camera when you are out and about. If the sensor has dust on, use the sensor cleaner to clean it and get it ready for the next shot.

Congratulations! You have the basic camera gear and the necessary skills to improve your Photography and Videography game! Remember, you don’t become the best instantly. Keep taking photos, keep taking shots, they may not always work but you will improve over time. Take your time, and don’t stop clicking!

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