The Beginning of the Era of Akash at Reliance Geo

The country’s wealthiest industrialist and largest industrial group, Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani has begun to hand over responsibility for the company to the next generation of the family. First of all, Mukesh Ambani has handed over the responsibility of Telecom Sector business to Big Son Sky Ambani. Mukesh Ambani has stepped down from chairman of Reliance Group, Reliance Geo Infocam (RJIL), which was formed for the telecom business, and has been appointed as the new chairman. The proposal was approved at the company’s board meeting on Monday.Previously, there were non-executive directors on the board of the Sky company.According to the information obtained by SEBI, the chairman of Mukesh Ambani has accepted the resignation of the board and will remain chairman of Geo Platforms Limited.Geo Platforms Limited is a reference company for all digital services.Mukesh Group remains Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited.While another major change is being made, Reliance Geo Infocam Limited has appointed Pankaj Pawar Managing Director (MD) of the company for the next five years.Additional directors Raminder Singh Gujral and KV Chaudhary will now become independent directors.His appointment is also for five years.Infinite interest in the traditional energy sector: Little son is infinitely Ambani assumed that his interest is more in the field of renewable and traditional energies.The Infinite Reliance Group works as a director and SE in the field of energy.Recently, Reliance Group has announced many ambitious plans in the field of renewable energy.

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