The negative impact of Television and Internet on Children

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Children are being negatively impacted because of exposure to tv and internet. Today kids spend more time watching tv or on phone which tends to slow down thier metabolism rate. Infact browsing stuffs online to playing games all day can make  them dull and unproductive. Spending insignificant amount of time on tv and internet can make children suffer from lack of sleep and cause serious health problems. Henceforth, a healthy balance and strict timetable needs to be devised by parents which should restrict the amount of time a child spends on tv and internet. For instance, a child can watch educational videos on youtube which can help them to understand their lessons better or can watch news on tv to get equipped with current affairs apart from just playing games or watching cartoons. Limiting the amount of time being spent on tv and internet, parents can involve their children in other healthy activities such as practising yoga or taking up a sport or say learning a new musical instrument. That way a child can do better not only in his academics but can also excel in other creative artforms

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