The world's most important living animal

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This animal has got 5 eyes, lays upto 3000 eggs every single day and has wings that flaps over 11,000 times per minute. It has co existed with dinosaurs for atleast 35 million years and it is the 2nd most scientifically studied creature after humans. We humans call this creature as “bees.”
Here are some lesser known facts about bees and why we humans need them to survive-

1) 70 percent of the world’s agriculture depends on bees.
2) If we didn’t have bees to pollinate our plants, then plants will not produce and henceforth, there wouldn’t be enough food for the almost 8 billion people in the world.
3) Honey bees are responsible for every one out of three food bites that we take
4) No bees = No pollination and hence,
No plants = No food for livestock animals
Which further means no dairy products and hence no food for humans.
5) Most of our clothes are made up of cotton and if we don’t have bees, there will be no cotton plants.
6) Honey-bee is the only insect in the world that produces food humans can consume. It spends it’s lifetime producing only 1/12th teaspoon of honey.
7) Honey bees are smart too and they are trained by humans to detect bombs by sticking their tongues out when they sniff the aroma from explosives.
8) They can also detect illnesses in humans. They do so by smelling the illness on the breath in under 10 mins.

Bees, in many ways save humans and yet the most underrated being on planet earth but certainly the most important one.

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