Drive in the Rain

“When it rains, it pours.”

A statement that holds a lot of emotion during rainy season in India. You never know how much will it rain. Sometimes it pours, sometime it just gives a short peek and passes by for us to enjoy the rainbow. In India, power cuts, roads filled with water, unseen manholes are opened, people driving in hurry to reach their destination, couples in love sharing hot food to the sides of the road, people removing helmets to feel the strong connection to earth, some standing by for it to pass and many more.

As a bike rider, I enjoy driving during the time it rains. I don’t care if it pours or drizzles, there is something about that moment that holds me close to it. The smell of petrichor, the slow drive, the sound of rain hitting the skin, and music just makes this meal heavenly. The destination may not be fulfilling but it’s the journey that fills me with a sense of joy. 

As a person, I connect with mother earth on a deeper level during rain. It gives me a feeling of belonging to a deeper purpose. Mother Earth causes rain to hydrate herself and add water to it’s lovely citizens. As a student, it’s my best bet if the college would be cancelled. The sound of rain on a Monday morning always lifts my spirits because I knew school/college would be cancelled. Now, the same rain helps me find peace from the worldly pains.

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