Neeraj has confident of throwing 90 meters

Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra on Thursday broke his national record to win a silver medal in the prestigious Diamond League and missed a 90-yard throw at close range, but he’s confident he’ll achieve that goal this year. Neeraj had a throw of 89.94m on his first attempt to break into the Diamond League top 3 for the first time.But he missed 90 meters by only six centimeters.Neeraj said: “The first throw was very good.It wasn’t like this had to happen in the first throw itself.Was very close to 90 meters and looked like I could do it, but when I did my best it feels good.I’m almost 90 meters now and this year I’ll do it.He said: “When Anderson Peters covered the distance of 90 metres, I also felt I had to do the same.I had in mind that everything should be perfect.The javelin should be in a single line and the technique should be perfect.If everything is correct, only you can throw that far.I’m glad that all my throws were good.I am happy with my performance.I’m playing after a long time and I’ll try to do my best in the next competition.Neeraj looks back on his best performance at the World Championships to be held in Eugene, USA from July 15th to 24th.India has only one medal at the World Championships, which was won in 2003 by long jump athlete Anju Babi George with a bronze medal.Neeraj said: “There is only one medal at the World Championships, there is no pressure.Just gonna try my best.Well, you’ll only know if you go to Oregon.Every competition, every day is different.It’s not until I start playing in Oregon that I’ll know if I feel the pressure of being an Olympic champion.Well, I play without pressure.

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