The World Runs on Finance

Wherever you go, you hear the terms of budget, loans, bonds, stocks, crypto, and many more. Finance has become one of the highest searched topics that people want to learn. People want to get control, build different streams of income, build passive income, buy real estate, buy bonds and increase their wealth. Compared to 1980s to the present day, finance has developed and spread its branches across the world. With technology, finance has become easier to access.

Small NBFCs( Non-Banking Financial Corporations) have created apps that people can get for small amounts of loan. From 100₹ to 1,00,000₹, these corporations have found an untouched market in loan requirements, small loans. The term may be quite little, but it has huge potential. A lot of people take loans or borrow money from loan sharks at high interest rates, but do they always have money to give?

This question itself has created this part of market. With technology, payments have become quicker and able to move in a matter of minutes. NBFCs found this to be their best advantage of all time. People sign up on these apps with all their details and take the loan at exorbitant rates. They charge interest for each passing day ( 3% or more) and disburse the amount with the click of a button.

As many people are, no one wants to go through the terms & conditions because it is long and boring. Here lies the secret to the destruction of your reputation between you and the world. Many think that these apps are to be taken simply and not to be minded when the payment date comes. These NBFCs aren’t banks so they don’t give repeated notices for the payment, instead, they send your contacts all your details, with the amount of money you have taken and ask them to pay. They use godawful ways to get the payment.

Few messages are so disgusting and low that it breaks your reputation into pieces. You cannot rebuild your reputation and it keeps going on till the payment has been done. It’s a small yet such powerful blow that you cannot recover from. After the payment has been made, they don’t send a message stating that you have made the payment which doesn’t help you in any way but makes you droop down more. These interest rates on meager amounts is how they make the most money on.

Every time you borrow money, you are robbing time from your future self.

Nathan W. Morris

Loans are not a joke. You learn from the mistakes you make. Scars are lessons for what we have gone through. Learn from your experiences, teach them to your kith and kin, no matter what they are aged. If an 18 year old with a bank account, comes across the app and doesn’t know the effect of not paying on time, it’s not a wound that they can recover from easily.

Teach your younger ones about finance, how to maintain, when and where to use them but not teaching them leads to a higher damage. Be careful and do not go down this path unless you know how to come back from it.

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