World Test Championship: Pakistan had a huge advantage by losing the Indian team, do you know why that happened?

Even after losing the final game of the five-game series, the Indian team suffered a setback when the team was fined for slow speed. Not only was the Indian team fined 40 percent of the match fee, but two points were also reduced, which directly benefited the Pakistan cricket team. With two points down, the Pakistani team has now overtaken the Indian team in the World Test Championship points table, which can be seen as a major blow to India. ICC Elite Panel Match Referee David Boon handed out this fine to the Indian team, who is 2 overs behind. According to Article 2.22 of the ICC Code of Conduct, 20 percent of the gaming fee will be charged to the players due to the minimum overrun. This penalty is based on the number of overs reduced per over. The Indian team was 2 overs behind in the allotted time in the Edgbaston test, leaving the team to bear the brunt. According to Article 16.11.2 of the ICC Code of Conduct, 1 point will be deducted per team points per over. After that, the Pakistani team overtook them in percentage terms in the World Test Championship points table. The Indian team has now slipped to fourth place with 75 points, while the Pakistani team has risen to third place. Speaking of points percentage, the Pakistan team is 52.38 compared to India’s 52.8. India captain Jasprit Bumrah has admitted his mistake, meaning there will be no further hearing about it.

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