Online Professional Degrees.

Online degree courses are by definition, those courses which can offer a degree certificate from an accredited university or college upon completion of the course by a student through the online or digital medium of the Internet. Online courses are preferred by many students who want a flexible course where they can study at their own time and place. 

Indians saw a sudden rise in online education in recent times, bringing one of the most debated subjects in the field of e-learning. There are several Indian universities offering online courses in India, thus putting an end to the drawbacks of classroom-based learning, such as location, accessibility, transport, and cost. Moreover, thousands of students in India move to different countries to get higher education and professional prospects. With Indian universities providing online courses, students can gain world quality education at the comfort of their home. For many online learning has become a way to complete their higher education. It has become a boon for working professionals as well as anyone who has other engagements to opt for online courses as it doesn’t carve into their already busy schedule. Some of the most enrolled online courses by students are :

  • Online BA
  • Online B.Com
  • Online BSc
  • Online BBA
  • Online MBA
  • Online MCA
  • Online MSc
  • Online Accounting Courses
  • Online Language master course
  • Online Content Writing course

Various websites that are providing these certified courses are.

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • SkillShare
  • Upgrad
  • LinkedIn Learing
  • Edx
  • UdaCity
  • Code Academy
  • Future Learn
  • Alison

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