"Using UPI is not going to be chargeable" Clarified.

The RBI discussion paper issued earlier this month said, UPI as a fund transfer system is like IMPS and therefore, it could be argued that the charges in UPI need to be similar to charges in IMPS for fund transfer transactions.

To clarify, Ministry of Finance quoted  “UPI is a digital public good with immense convenience for the public and productivity gains for the economy. There is no consideration in government to levy any charges for UPI services,” the Ministry of Finance said in a statement.

The clarification came amid speculations that UPI transactions could be charged, as a discussion paper released by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on August 17 sought feedback related to the subject. “Charges for payment services should be reasonable and competitively determined for users while also providing optimal revenue stream for the intermediaries,” the central bank said in a release. The feedback received would be used to guide policies and intervention strategies.

In the context of UPI, the RBI, in the discussion paper, has questioned if UPI transactions are charged, they should be administered by the regulator, or whether they should be market determined. While clarifying it was not considering any service charge on UPI transactions, the finance ministry reiterated its support for the further adoption of the digital payments system.

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