Protest in Chandigarh University.

At Chandigarh University in Mohali, there is a sizable demonstration. Giving justice to those girls who are the victims of this popular video is the motivation behind this protest. One of Chandigarh University's dorm roommates takes 60 recordings of the females bathing. Although it sounds shameful and horrible, this is the reality. The female sends the lad those videos. The lad is from Shimla, the girl claims, and he asked him to shoot those movies. That boy sent those videos around via MMS. It's terrible.

The girl was speechless as the Warden questioned her again. That establishes her errors. There are some YouTube videos where the girl tries to respond to those queries. Social internet is rife with allegations that a few girls have committed suicide. The fact check and police comments, however, make it very evident that no girl has actually committed suicide. But why were the ambulances sent to the institution, one could wonder? According to the police officer, a couple girls experienced panic attacks and required hospitalization. But they are now fine.

 The police team is thoroughly investigating this matter and an FIR has been filed against the female. Soon after this tragedy was made public, the students began protesting, displaying their sense of oneness. Several students are traveling the path to justice. Now, the situation is a social problem. Because the pupils in that age group are active, they must learn how to use that energy effectively. This matter is being looked into more thoroughly because it involves sensitive information. The search for that boy is urgent for the police. This cannot continue. The students there have received precise instructions from the cops. The experts are discussing this case.

This can't happen. This was a silly thing to do. The university's reputation will suffer as a result of this. And because this behavior was inappropriate, the parent will feel humiliated by her daughter. The girl is expelled from the university, and the police are given custody of her.

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