Stop buying, start adopting.

 At Kotul, Maharashtra, on June 12, 2022. A little kid named Viraj and his sister out for a morning stroll at six in the morning. They were attacked by a pack of stray dogs at a given distance, particularly Viraj. His sister made a valiant effort to save her, but she was unable to stop the dogs from attacking. A pack of stray dogs attacked and murdered Viraj. It sounds ridiculous. There are other incidents documented online, including one that happened on May 27, 2022, when a pack of dogs attacked an alone toddler. After removing the kid from a private hospital unit on June 28, a stray dog murdered the 2-day-old youngster. It is hazardous.

People forget about this issue since it never receives adequate attention. Thus, there are no measures in place to manage this.

Over 30 million stray dogs are said to exist in India. Free-roaming pets is the term used by the World Health Organization (WHO).

A stray dog is a who?

Three categories are used to group this.


  • An unrestricted dog can move wherever they want but is partially dependent on humans for food. This dog falls under category one.

  • An unrestricted dog who is completely independent and not dependent on humans for their food. Those dogs can find their food in the garbage. These dogs fall under category two.

  • The third category of dogs is those who have been abandoned by their owners. 

The canines in groups two and three are very different from one another. The dogs in the second category know how to live, while the abandoned dogs do not. They typically pass away from sickness or in accidents.

India has a far greater percentage of pet abandonment than the rest of the globe, according to the 2021 State of Pet Homelessness Index study. In India, more than 50% of both present and former pet owners admitted to having abandoned or surrendered at least one animal. This explains why there are so many street dogs around.

The issue is not that the government is inaction. The government is requiring them to follow some regulations.

Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) strives to stop the mistreatment of animals. Dog feeders were put in place, which give stray dogs food.

What is the solution to these problems?

  • sterilize a dog as a pet, A portion of your pet's reproductive organ is surgically removed during sterilization to prevent it from reproducing in the future. The majority of animals that are sterilized are male and female dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Castration, the removal of the testicles from male animals, is a widespread practice
  • Please vaccinate your dog as part of the immunization program if you own one. because a variety of disorders may impact it. Therefore always remember that prevention is preferable to treatment.
  • Enforce pet management regulations to prevent dog owners from leaving their animals behind.
  • Habitat management: Stop spreading needless trash if you want to maintain a healthy habitat.
  • control canine reproduction, There are two ways to stop a female dog from going into heat: Ovariohysterectomy (spay) surgery, number one: Recommended. The uterus and both ovaries are surgically removed during an ovariohysterectomy, sometimes known as a spay procedure.
  • Start adopting stray animals; India is home to 30 million strays. There are around 1.3 billion people living in our nation. If a group of at least four people starts caring for at least one dog, then further options are not necessary.

Feed one dog instead of one hundred if you can't. A stray dog's existence is an extremely miserable one. They have no hope when they get up since they never know when an accident may claim their lives. They saunter about looking for food and water. To be safe, they never stop observing the goings-on around them. Start adopting them and save them.


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