An exhibition of paintings wholly inspired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

 Shri G Kishan Reddy, Union Minister for Culture, Tourism and Development of North-eastern Region, inaugurated an exhibition of paintings by eminent artist, Akbar Saheb today at National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.  The art of Akbar Saheb is unique as all fifty-five artworks are wholly inspired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and his incredible journey and vision. The exhibition, curated by the well-known Rajeev Menon is open to the public from 28th October to 3rd November 2022.

On the occasion, the Union Minister said that Akbar Saheb has shown the journey of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi including from Gujarat to becoming the world leader. He added that the paintings show major policy decisions such as GST and depict demonetisation and surgical strike in a clear manner. Shri G.K also said the paintings show the challenges faced by Shri Narendra Modi and his achievements as Prime Minister. The paintings are also important as they show the impact of Shri Narendra Modi  around the world.



The themes presented promise to resonate with every Indian across the country. Each work is deeply rooted in the initiatives taken by the Union government and is directly linked to the aspirations of the common man and the progress of the nation. With his exceptional paintings, Akbar Saheb’s sole intention is to simply encourage and inspire Indians to follow their dream. Of particular interest is the painting titled ‘Dare to Dream’ which documents the courageous journey of a young boy, selling tea in a small town in Gujarat to realise his destiny as Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy.

The paintings also highlight Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s success stories as well as the many challenges faced with various projects such as Vibrant Gujarat, Shining Bright (based on Asia’s largest solar park in Gujarat), Statue of Unity, Truth Prevails, Sadhbhavana Yatra and so on. Some paintings of note are ‘Lasting Impact’ which depicts his formidable power of resilience and endurance. ‘Bharat Mata’ is another evocative work where the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s mother is personified as Bharat Mata.

Interestingly more than forty artworks are fine expressions based on the popular series of talks, Mann ki Baat. Works like Sankalp Se Siddhi, Say NO to Black Money, Beware of Drugs, Save our Farmers, Water is a Blessing and Helping Hands are masterful compositions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also send out a powerful message of humanity and compassion. A painting titled ‘Two Great Leaders’ illustrates some special moments shared with President Barack Obama of the United States. There are also the artist’s masterstrokes on the challenges of demonetization, Indus water treaty and the heroic sacrifices of the Indian army.

Akbar Saheb’s paintings present a narrative of mass mobilization and the positive impact of programmes like Swachh Bharat, Digital India, Mudra Yojana, Yoga as part of Life, electrification of villages and LPG connections for the poor. They also illustrate the revitalisation of the economy with the ambitious Make in India project and the growth of tourism as a showcase for the cultural heritage of the country.


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