Being in 20's

People say that being young is fun and the most exciting part of one’s life is it true ??

Nowadays being young sucks. people around us just thinks we are happy by seeing us smile but the truth is we are just a sad generation who can put a smiling face in any situation. We are in a toxic society that just kills peoples feelings. when it comes to feelings its always about finding love and friendship. am pretty sure we all have heard stories of our parents love and wonderful friends they had. being kid I grew watching wonderful romantic movies like sixteen candles and walk remember these are my favourite movies being a kid. I grew up thinking that life will be like that. i wish that my life was like nicholas sparks novels but it turned out to be an horror movie.

Me being a youngster falling in love with everyone I see without even noticing what type of a person she is mostly I ended up being in a toxic relationship. I exactly remember the first moment I saw her. it was the 1st day of my MBA which is kind of confusing for me everything happened so fast.

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