India lost 159 billion dollars in 2021 due to heat waves.

Photo by Fabio

India suffered an income loss of USD 159 billion, 5.4 per cent of its gross domestic product, in the service, manufacturing, agriculture, and construction sectors due to extreme heat in 2021, according to a new report.

Heat exposure in the country led to the loss of 167 billion potential labour hours, a 39 per cent increase, said the Climate Transparency Report 2022 compiled by an international partnership of organisations.

Labour productivity in India is projected to decline by five per cent from the 1986–2006 reference period if global temperatures increase by 1.5 degrees Celsius, it said. The decline in labour productivity will be 2.1 times more if the global temperatures increase by 2.5 degrees Celsius, and 2.7 times at a three degree Celsius scenario.

Losses to earnings from heat-related labour capacity reduction were the highest in India among G20 nations in 2021. Other countries include Indonesia (1.6% of GDP), and Saudi Arabia (1% of GDP).

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