India surpasses Japan in term of metro rail system length to become 4th largest metro system in the world.

India has a new title to boast on an international level. With the newest addition of the Ahmedabad metro, the length of metro projects in India has reached 810 km, surpassing the lines in Japan. India will overtake South Korea and the United States to be the second longest metro line in the world. This ambitious project is expected to be completed within the next one or two years. 

After the inauguration of Ahmedabad metro, the coverage of metrorail in India reaches 810 kilometers. It is a matter of pride, that India is among leading countries with respect to total length of metrorail”, the union minister Puri said during inauguration, adding that India has not only overtaken Japan, but also has 982 kilometers of Metro rail under construction. “Once this (982 kilometers of metro rail) finishes, India will overtake South Korea and United States and will reach the second position in the world. I am expecting this to happen within next 1-2 years,” he added.

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