Last solar eclipse of the year witnessed today.

For the uninitiated, a partial solar eclipse is one where the Earth moves through the lunar penumbra as the moon travels between the earth and the sun. It is referred to as ‘partial’ because the moon does not block the entirety of the sun, when witnessed from the Earth.

After Diwali on October 25, India and many parts of the world witnessed a partial solar eclipse which was visible in the different regions.

A Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between Sun and Earth and blocks the light of the sun, casting a shadow onto Earth.

When the sun and moon are not perfectly aligned in a straight line, a partial solar eclipse occurs. The sun takes on a crescent shape as if the moon has taken a bite out of it and the Moon only reflects the outer part of Earth’s shadow, known as the penumbra.

Today’s eclipse is special as the last partial solar eclipse was seen from India in 2007 and the next such event would occur only in 2032. Although another partial solar eclipse will occur only in 2025 but that event would not be visible from India.

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