Basically everyone expects the normal student lifestyle with proper and regular routine or schedule to follow for a student even that student too.But Eventually mine is bit different.Different lifestyle is not a decision of mine but the wise decision is something that to accept this difference.
  Like all other students I’m also a student of a regular class of academic course at a high named Central University.But the thing is I’m not capable of interacting with people or Hodge podge anymore,The reason behind is something I’m not blaming but before Corona pandemic i was not that what I’m now.I feel anxious and low from deep down to be in gathering,it’s became tough to hear more than one sound hitting my ears,even sunrays and a close conference room makes me uncomfortable.
But taking these all wisely i chose to work from my room ,even class work , activities, projects and all doing individually that makes me feel really good.My elders and professors are understandable enough.I order food or cook sometimes,i ate,i do work like personal stuffs too,I enjoy myself ,watch movies,series etcetera it’s also appreciable for me to write about my lifestyle cause I’m living my own way with no glitches or now atleast and it’s working literally,every well wishers hoping to see me out or be social like before i was,but here I’m not only hoping but working on it too.
    What do you think,does it sound like a normal lifestyle?If I’m the only one who is facing this? The answer is Big Noo…
    As of now things are getting recovered after the pandemic, One after one has faced different phases but the outcome is the same It is Anxiety, depression or phobea and many health issues as well as mental issues. They try to be social,to be active and involved like they were before Pandemic.But there and then remember one thing that things will get worse when we push it to show surroundings that we are okay and internally we continuously go deep down by doing this.

    So just let it be,
    If you don’t want to be in gather just make a space where you can feel atleast not bad than to be in gathering.
   If you don’t wanna hear something/someone just listen to you for yourself to make Comfortable atleast.
   Don’t wanna go out or see something just feel for yourself and work yourself to do productice that can be seen for a single time atleast.
   Atleast eat a bite and drink a drop to immune your brain that is continuously running without break.
   Don’t wanna describe yourself to anyone,just don’t do but focus on yourself to make your personality and let it describe your victory.
   Not feeling okay is too short to say,just don’t say… but i have one oath to say that is;It’s totally okay to not be Okay. Okayy?

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