Premium subscribers only get to watch 4k content on YouTube

Google has been able to acquire the best of the best in almost all the sections of the technology world. YouTube has been one of its prized possessions. But at the end of the day. There are some demerits of every app.

In the latest development, some YouTube users are getting a new trial run in their apps. Some premium users are able to see a premium sign alongside the 4k video resolution in their video settings. It means that 4k resolution will only be available for the premium subscribers.

This particular change will help Google in getting more subscribers and will also increase their revenue. But it is not confirmed, as the trial is still going on and the decision will be taken after some time. Until now, there is still no update from Google regarding this change.

In the recent past, Google has been trying to increase its revenue through different methods. One of them has been evident with the trial that is going on with the several ads for the free account users.

Google also shut down its Stadia gaming platform to redirect the revenue flow. It will also increase their focus on the selective few options, that are the real money maker for them.

Now, there has also been speculations that Google is trying various things to increase its user base for subscriptions because it has lesser revenue this year than the last year. But on the bright side, the number of subscriptions is increasing on various platforms for Google. One of them is YouTube music.

Now, on the evidence part, users are posting the screenshots of the new premium option on Reddit. In return, Google has confirmed that some of the users are getting such options as a part of the trial program. It will let them analyze that whether users are willing to pay for such options or not.

Now, it remains to be seen that whether users will accept such a change or not. On the contrary, users can also look at a future where there will be two different options for the users in various settings option of Google on various platforms like YouTube, YouTube Music, and many others.

Bigger subscriber base here does not mean that it is the end for the free account users because there are quite a few. Google will support the free users also as it is the first reason that users are using YouTube in the first place. The other reason is the rapidly increasing traffic on the platform for the content that allows the users to learn various things, that are related to various fields.

With 5G, taking on the world in different parts of the world, at a fast pace. As the network coverage will improve, the users will be willing to experience better and advanced forms of the technological world. They will like to experience a video in 4k resolution. So, in return it might help Google in getting more subscribers. On the other hand, it might not help Google as people will get comfortable with 2k or even Ful HD. All of these are just speculations, and the future is uncertain, but exciting.

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