The Benefits of Boredom

I have always been a rather easily bored person (much to the annoyance of my parents and friends). I have also been a very creative person. It was not until very recently that I learnt that the two go hand-in-hand with each other.

A lot of neurologists suggest that boredom is good for you. The only problem is that no one allows themselves to experience the benefits of boredom. Why is this, you may wonder? Well, boredom has been demonised in popular culture. People go about saying “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop.” As a result, we instantly seek relief from boredom through some or the other engaging activity- even something as simple as watching a YouTube video or scrolling through Instagram or TikTok.

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Boredom makes you itch to do something, anything. But the only way one can reap the benefits of boredom is to wallow in that discomfort. Instead of seeking relief from the boredom, staying bored and letting your mind wander and work its magic is the perfect way to boost and stimulate creativity.

So, every now and then, just sit there and do nothing and see where your thoughts take you!

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