A film review

 The Sleepover (2020)

       Director- TRISH SIE

       Genre– Exciting,Action, Adventure,Family features.

   A very simple family of Modern era living with their life old fashioned limitations like not allowing the phone to their children even if they jumped in higher class, they do not have permitted to attend any party with their friends,Not allowed to go out in late night.Their mother a housewife made these rules But we all know that there is always reasons of restrictions, the same are here with those two siblings of this exciting family.Both are studying in a same school and everyday their father use to receive and drop them,eating foodings made by dad bakery, play video games and sometimes spend times in sleepover.Cavin the little boy has sharp mind and he enjoy the imaginary world more than real. 

   One day a neighbour’s parents come with his child to leave him for the night. That boy also has some list by his mother about what to do or what to don’t.But as he is in another house with another rule and restrictions nothing from the list could be done right from his list.In loan area Cavin’s dad fixed a tent for their sleepover and left them to sleep. And in the same night her daughter tries to escape from home with her friend for one night to attend the party invited by her senior.

At late night tiem to sleep ,Ninjas enter in the house and attack on her housewife mother to take her with themselves for a mission.They took up both husband and wife with them for a robbery. After knowing their mother’s real identification that her mother was the head robber many years before her marriage in the bachelors age;their children decided to find their parents and went out for an overnight adventure. 

Their mother was a witness protection lady who was caught by the police but allowed to be free with a new identification by letting no one know her real identity.

Following the signs Including their dog’s neck belt left by her mother at every steps they followed and in not finally but at end of getting signs they met her mother’s younger sister who is also a robber; she gave them the direction to reach their mother and they followed.Finally they reached the destination and saw their simple housewife mother extraordinary actions and looks that were never been seen before.And also they saw her mother’s fiance who was a robber man,charm and dashing.

But there and then her mother become with a new identification and living her life as a normal person with family this mission was not her choice.They escape brilliantly from this leaving behind all this stuff if past and came back to home safely creating this adventurous night.And the boy who has very quite talent to make stories of imagination,he does the same in front of police too,reached all back to home safely.

Next morning, the neighbour came to take their child who was left for a sleepover and found the child safe and that child went home too.

Everything happened, the restrictions,the limitations came across with a very valid reason why kids of this family faced too many rules and regulations other than others.Now they understand and respect the situations and their family especially her mother.

So,The conclusion comes here with a brief mentality of parents and children.

Parents never want to grab or tie their own children with restrictions. If they do there must be the reason for their safety that’s important more than anything for any parents.

Children like that boy who live in his imagination are brilliant so to make success and happiness in their life it’s necessary to promote and support your child according to their way of interests.

And the last but not least ,the priority matter a lot for a family person no matter who you are,mother or father or sister or you are a brother,if you are in a family you must put your priorities first for them other than anyone no matter how complications has  started ,how it is difficult to deal or to resolve it but things will become smoother as soon as one put family on prior.Stay tied to the family is one of the best weapon to fight against any circumstances, situations,or any difficulty.

Snapshot taken from the movie “THE SLEEPOVER”.

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