A message against double standard mindset of society.

Rape is the pleasure for the people who do it and a talk of gossip for the people of society or for us.

Everyday and every time it is happening around us but only few times media is telecasting it just for the sake of TRP and they are organizing the debate for this topic but not the solution or remedy for particular problem.

Now what is happening with the people who are executing it?

The rich people get bail and repeatedly do it again because now there fear of law has gone. Whereas the poor people do not get bail but after sometime they also get out. 

Nowadays it is getting so much common among teenager also, as in the name of the “swag”. 

But the thing that we are missing is such that not only women’s are getting affected but also some boys or mans also get raped but no one is paying attention to it as it is not big matter for social media Or news agency. 

What should govt do? 

According to me the government should start action-reaction as rape is not at all less than murder. Murder is something in which people die physically with little pain but in rape, a girl or boy die mentally and throughout the life she/he had to suffer from a trauma. 

What does action-reaction mean? 

It means that if a men has raped or molested a women than that men should also get punished by a ‘rod’ and should be reminded throughout their life. So such that they can also feel the pain of a women and would be a learning for others. 


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