Report for most inclusive nation for religious minorities, India tops the list.

The Centre for Policy Analysis (CPA), in its first global minority report, has listed India at the top of the list of countries for its treatment of religious minorities. India has topped the list on counts of inclusiveness towards religious minorities.

Released by former Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu, the report is based on conceptual issues relating to human rights, minorities, concept of religious freedom and culture dilemma of religious minorities, cause of religious differences and more.

While India has been ranked one in the global minority report, the United State of America (USA) bagged fourth spot. Nepal is ranked at 39, whereas Russia is ranked 52. China and Bangladesh were ranked at 90 and 99, respectively. Pakistan is ranked at 104 in the report, whereas Taliban-led Afghanistan secured 109th position.

This is for the first time that an Indian body has rated other nations on the basis of their treatment of religious minorities.

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