Who is the actual winner of the FIFA world cup 2022?

Who won the FIFA World Cup in reality? Are the teams, the players, or the host the winners?

Qatar, one of the most popular nations on the planet, wants to host the FIFA World Cup. Qatar typically registers temperatures greater than 40. Qatar will serve as the host nation for this tournament due to its improved facilities and infrastructure. 

Al Bayt Stadium, Lusail Stadium, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Al Janab Stadium, Al Thumama Stadium, Education City Stadium, Khalifa International Stadium, and Stadium 974 are the eight locations where the matches will take place.

The stadium seats are broken down into four categories, with category 1 including the seats that are closest to the ground. The seats in category 2 are just behind the front seats, while category 3 contains the middle row of seats. The rear set is included in the fourth and final category. Seat costs vary from match to match and category to category.

  During the first game, category-1 seats cost $618, category-2 seats cost $440, category-three seats cost $302, and category-four seats cost $55. The cost of a category-1 ticket for a group stage match is $220; for categories 2, 3, and 4, the prices are 165, 69, and 11 dollars, respectively. Tickets for the round of 16 are more expensive than those for group matches. The costs are as follows: 275$ for category 1, 206$, 96$, and 5$ for categories 2, 3, and 4, accordingly. Tickets for the quarterfinal matches range in price from 426 dollars to 302 dollars to 20 dollars to 82 dollars, depending on the category you fall under. In the quarterfinals, the price of the fight match tickets for third place is comparable. For category 1, the cost is $426. For category 2, it is $302. For category 3, it is 206. For category 4, it is 82.

 One of the most watched games is the semifinal. Hence, the prices have increased. For category 1 seats, the cost is 956, while for categories 2 and 3, it costs 659, 357, and 137 dollars, respectively. Any tournament's finals are the game-changer. The final game always has the most spectators and the most expensive tickets. The cost for category 1 is $1067, category 2 is $1003, category 3 is $604, and category 4 is $200.

With a capacity of over 60,000, Al Bayt stadium is one of Qatar's biggest and most well-known stadiums. Out of 60,000 seats, around 11,000 are in category 1, 14,000 in category 2, 17,000 in category 3, and 20,000 in category 4, correspondingly. In the Al Baty stadium, the first game will take place. 20.428,000 dollars should be made from the first game. (If every ticket is sold, the computation is based on the ticket price and the location of the seats.)

Counting the initial match, there will be a total of five group matchups. After the group matches, the income will be $32,815,000. A round of 16 games will be played. There will be around $8,191,000 in revenue from the round of 16 games. The income from the quarterfinal game will be around 14,712,000 dollars. The Al Bayt stadium will host both the semifinal game and the final. Around 26,796,000 dollars will be made from semis. After the competition, the stadium should earn a total of around 109,505,000 dollars.

With a capacity of 80,000, Lusail Stadium is the largest stadium in Qatar. Out of 80,000 seats, 13,000 are in category 1, 17,000 in category 2, 23,000 in category 3, and 27,000 in category 4, respectively. There will be a total of six group games played at Lusail Stadium. After the games on the group stage, the stadium will earn about $45,090,000. A total of $9,420,000 will be generated by the round of 16 games. There will be a semifinal contest as well. The semis will generate around $35,541,000 in income. The championship game will take place in Lusail Stadium. The total match income will be around 57,396,000 dollars. After the competition, the stadium will have earned around 147,447,000 dollars in revenue.

The Khalifa stadium can accommodate 40,000 people in total. Eight games will be played in the stadium in total, including a third-place fight, one quarterfinal, one round-of-16 encounter, and six group matches. After the competition, the stadium will have earned a total of 16,483,000 dollars.

40,000 people can fit at Stadium 974 and Alof Janoub Stadium. There will be a total of seven matches at each of the two venues. Six group matches and one round of 16 matches will be played at each stadium. The combined income from the two stadiums will be around $8,021,000.

The Education City stadium can accommodate 40,000 people. Eight games will be played in the stadium, including one round-of-16 game, one quarterfinal, and six group matches. The Education City Stadium will bring in around $14,005,000 in total income.

Al Thumama Stadium can accommodate 40,000 people. There will be a total of eight games, comprising one quarterfinal, one round of 16, and six group matches. After the competition, the stadium will have earned about $24,931,000 in total.

The Ahmad Bin Ali stadium can hold close to 40,000 people. Seven matches, comprising six group matches and one round of 16 encounters be played. After the competition, the stadium will have earned about $8,021,000 in total. 

After the FIFA World Cup, Qatar expects to earn a total of about 336,434,000 dollars. This equals Rs. 277,283,183,42.

The 32 teams that make it into the competition will receive certain benefits. These are the pricing. Eliminator for the group stage will receive $9 million. The losers of the 16th round will receive 13 million dollars. The losers of the Qatar finals will receive 17 million dollars. A 25 million dollar prize will be given to the fourth-place team. A 27 million dollar prize will be given to the third-place finisher. 30 million dollars will be given to the runner-up. and 42 million dollars will be given to the tournament's victor or winners.

A total of 440,000,000 dollars will be distributed in price. FIFA, not the host nation, will choose how much each item costs. With accommodation and training expenses included, they will undoubtedly make around 336,434,000 dollars.

The event is advantageous for the participating teams, athletes, and the host nation. This is why nations like the United States, South Korea, and Japan aspired to host the competition. Overall, this event will provide good financial revenue for the host nation. The economy of Qatar will be greatly impacted by this money. More than 1.5 million new employment in important industries including construction, real estate, and hospitality are expected to be created as a result of Qatar hosting the FIFA World Cup.

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