Cost of living index by EIU.

All over the world, the cost-of-living crisis is continuing to bite. According to the Worldwide Cost of Living Index, which is run by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the average cost of living is up by 8.1 percent – largely thanks to the Russian war in Ukraine and the long-term consequences of the pandemic.

However, the crisis is much worse in some places than others – and that’s highlighted by this year’s Worldwide Cost of Living Index. Taking into account changes in the price of everyday goods in 172 cities around the world, the Index has come out with a ranking of the world’s most expensive cities right now. 

Top was a tie between New York and Singapore, with New York topping the poll for the first time. Both knocked Tel Aviv down to third, with the Israeli city having been named the most expensive city in the world in the EIU’s 2021 rankings.

Down the other end of the list, the least expensive cities in the world are apparently Damascus in Syria, Tripoli in Libya and the Iranian capital, Tehran. Damascus and Tripoli were also named the least expensive cities in last year’s list.

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