How roll out of 5g services will help Indian economy?

The transition to 5G will unlock new use cases and revenue streams through innovative business models. It will bolster the startup ecosystem and enable India to be an R&D hub for 5G technology and use cases. Developing 5G applications is likely to have a huge impact across industries.

In India, the engineering/advanced manufacturing segment offers the largest 5G/IoT opportunity. Multiple use cases exist in this segment with benefits of increased efficiency, productivity, better safety standards, and highly efficient production. In healthcare, 5G’s benefits can immediately be realized in home-based care and connected hospital devices as 5G facilitates real-time data transfer.

The Indian M&E sector is transitioning from passive consumption to participative consumption fueled by the popularity of immersive technologies such as AR and VR, networked gaming, and interactive game shows. 5G may help accelerate this trend and completely transform the consumer experience.

Further, the advent of 5G may significantly enhance connected car features and usher in the age of autonomous vehicles (AV) in India.

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