India likely to face extreme heat waves.

India, very soon, could experience heat waves that could exceed the survivability limit of humans.  This startling revelation was made in a report by the World Bank. 

According to the report, India will soon be one of the first countries in the world that will experience severe heatwaves that will break the human survivability limit.  India, over the past couple of decades, recorded several deaths due to intense heat waves. 

Frequency of extreme weather events such as heatweaves and floods is expected to increase in India as a result of the climate change.

According to one study, if the global mean temperature increases by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius from the pre-industrial level, the proportion of the total population and urban area that will be exposed to successive extremes will rise rapidly.

According to the researchers, under the lowest emission scenario, the length of a heatwave will grow from an average of 3 days in the current climate (1981-2010) to 11 days by the end of the twenty-first century (2071-2100).

Under the scenario with the highest emissions, however, they predicted that the length of heat waves would increase to 33 days by the end of the century.

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