Indian telecom sector to hire staffs laid off by big tech MNCs.

According a report by Economics Times : The Indian telecom eco-system could absorb up to 30% of the workforce laid off at the big tech firms and who chose to return to India. These include employees across technical and service profiles, say staffing experts.

Companies like Meta, Amazon, Twitter, Microsoft and Stripe among many others have laid off employees and rationalised their employee base. According to estimates by TeamLease, over 62,000 employees have received the pink slip in 2022.

While employees at tech firms are facing headwinds in light of the pink slips being dealt out, the Indian telecom eco-system has increased its hiring over the past few quarters in light of the 5G rollout.

Given the hiring impetus that the telecom sector is seeing, one would expect it to absorb a majority of the employees laid off. However, there is only so much of a skill overlap between the workforce being laid off, and the requirement at the telecom companies say experts.

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