Know about the new rule in North Korea regarding the names given to children.

North Korea has ordered parents to give their children patriotic names including the likes of ‘bomb’ and ‘gun’ – as the dictatorship clamps down on using gentler, more uplifting monikers.

Previously, Pyongyang had allowed people to use names that ended on softer vowels such as A Ri (loved one) and Su Mi (super beauty), more like South Korea. 

But now the country has demanded that people with softer names change theirs and those of their children’s to more ideological and militaristic ones if they are not ‘revolutionary’ enough. 

They want people to give their children names with a final consonant and are threatening fines to those who do not comply. Suitable names include Chong Il (gun), Chung Sim (loyalty), Pok Il (bomb) and Ui Song (satellite). 

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