Top companies with the maximum Bitcoin holdings this year

 Investing in Bitcoin has become quite well-known in many parts of the world right now. Every investor dreams of investing at least a small portion of their savings in this popular cryptocurrency individually. However, you will come across many companies that have invested significantly in Bitcoin these days. Bitcoin is largely being welcomed by them globally. Here, we will take a look at the companies with the maximum Bitcoin holdings this year. For more detail about Bitcoin the create an account and open account.

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  1. MicroStrategy:

According to many individuals, this particular company happens to be the leading public company that has invested in Bitcoin. This company was one of the first ones to enter the Bitcoin market and it has already made a significant profit from its investment in Bitcoin. Michael Saylor, the CEO, supports the usage of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since he’s of the notion that Bitcoin is vital for diversification. 

MicroStrategy has the distinction of holding as many as 114,041 bitcoin which happens to be the biggest holding of any public company at present. They have also invested a total amount of $3.1 billion whose worth is now $5.4 billion. It represents approximately 0.54% of the entire supply of Bitcoin.

  • Coinbase:

Coinbase happens to be the first crypto company that has gone public and other crypto companies have also followed it when it comes to going public. The public listing of this company had been a significant highlight of the crypto market last year. Right now, this particular exchange holds approximately 4,500 Bitcoin only which is smaller compared to most of the other companies mentioned on this list. However, it is nonetheless quite significant. Although the price of this purchase is not certain, the present value happens to be $214 million.

  • Voyager Digital LTD:

Voyager Digital LTD, a well-known crypto brokerage, holds approximately 12,260 Bitcoin whose worth is approximately $267 million at present prices. This company intends to offer a one-stop outlet for trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Quarterly revenue of approximately $60 million was reported in the month of May last year. 

This company turned out to be amongst the most notable casualties of the crypto crash that took place in the year 2022. Nevertheless, it revealed an exposure of approximately $660 million in Bitcoin because of the existing market conditions to Three Arrows Capital, a struggling crypto investment company. Subsequently, Voyager Digital ended up filing for bankruptcy.

  • Square:

We are all aware of this payments company known as Square that has made significant investments in Bitcoin. Having about 8,000 Bitcoin in its coffers, this company holds Bitcoin whose worth is approximately $382 million right now. Incidentally, it was purchased by Square at only $220 million.

According to some experts, this company is perhaps the largest supporter of Bitcoin since it wants to make this cryptocurrency an integral part of its business. The Cash app of Square happens to be a convenient way to purchase Bitcoin right now.

5. Tesla

Although the aforementioned Microstrategy is considered to be the premier public company investing in Bitcoin, Tesla is perhaps the most well-known. Tesla came into the limelight when it announced that it will purchase Bitcoin in the long run. This particular decision made by this company took the world by surprise and a lot of attention was given to cryptocurrency.

This company has Bitcoin holdings of approximately 44,000 which happen to be $1.5 billion in purchase costs. This has turned out to be the second most lucrative Bitcoin investment done by a public company. 10% of its cryptocurrency holdings were sold by Tesla in 2021.

Galaxy Digital Holdings

This one is a merchant bank that emphasizes the usage of cryptocurrency and happens to be the biggest institutional Bitcoin holder that is involved with the cryptocurrency industry directly. Right now, Galaxy Digital can boast of holding 16,400 Bitcoin which is worth more than $357 million at present prices.

Galaxy Digital has partnered with and other crypto firms and it was established by Michael Novogratz in the year 2018. It is not surprising that Novogratz happens to be a patron of Bitcoin as well.


It appears that companies can make use of cryptocurrency for diversifying their portfolio. However, one cannot deny that the number of companies investing in Bitcoin and other digital currencies is quite impressive in the long run. It can be rightly expected that more companies will be investing in this cryptocurrency in the upcoming days. For this context, you can also buy the currency and trade Bitcoin in a convenient manner using BitQT, an app that has become quite famous across the globe at present.

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