What the employees around globe, thinks of recommending their profession to the next generation? Look at the report.

India ranked the highest with 66 percent of employees stating that they wouldn’t recommend their profession to their children or any young person that they care about, while 67 percent wouldn’t recommend their employers, according to The Workforce Institute at UKG.

The report, ‘We Can Fix Work’, provides insights into what parents, family members and mentors are telling children about what they should value in their jobs and employers — urging future generations to let purpose, not money, guide career choices.

It found that on a global scale, nearly half (46%) of employees would neither recommend their company nor their profession to their children or a young person they care about, and a startling 38 percent “wouldn’t wish my job on my worst enemy.”

The report also stated that 45 percent of employees worldwide don’t want to work anymore. There has been a recent rise in the anti-work mindset, globally, owing to the pandemic as 77 percent of employees around the world want to spend less time working and more time doing things that matter to them.

It further showed that too much overtime affects the employee-employer relationship. If employees tend to work overtime more than twice per week, it strains their relationship with the employer and they’re even less likely to recommend their jobs or their companies to the next generation.

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