No pre installed Google application on new phones, read more about CCI and Google case.

Google has been making the headlines with hefty fines imposed by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) in recent months, alleging the company of abusing its position as a market leader with Android, and not allowing other companies to grow on the platform. Google has been legally battling these accusations in the country but it seems the company is ready to comply with the terms issued by the antitrust body.

Having limited choices of apps as an alternative to Chrome, Pay and Drive among others has worked in Google’s favour in India, but the ruling means other app developers might finally get the chance to catch your eye and allow it to be used on Android devices.

Google makes Chrome the default search option for Android users in India, but soon that will not be the only option for users. Android devices will give you a choice screen through which you can select which search engine is going to be your default option. The details are not clear for now, but it is likely that people will have the freedom to choose between Chrome, Bing or any other search option compatible on Android.

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