Right to life

Right to life is our fundamental right.In past few decades government has taken so many steps to uplift the life of an individual but irrespective of this lots of people are still poor. The reason of poverty is the greed of male child.In the want of male child they produce so many unwanted girls. Before they used to kill female foetus but after governments action it got stopped and women got right to life but what kind of life is this.

Where women are still deprived of necessary resources and forced to live a life of misery.Is this the right to life? So this question raised I was wondering that government has taken steps to uplift the individual and for this government is providing lots of facilities to give a child all the needs they deserve but people again started taking advantage of it and started giving unlimited births without taking responsibility thinking that government will help them.

So I think instead of helping people in this way government should find a way to stop population growth by spreading awareness and making laws of giving facilities to only one child and if the parents are incapable of finances they should also be punished. Because no child should be bound to suffer because of parents greed .

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